markwilliams (markwilliams) wrote,

The October country -- interviews and travels

So I'm heading north next week, visiting schools around the San Francisco Bay Area, culminating in a visit to the Tiburon Peninsula Children's Book Festival in -- yes! -- Tiburon, which NorCal cognoscenti know is "just across the bridge" (from an East Bay perspective!) in Marin county, a tad north of San Fran.

Here's an article about it. Normally I'd  link to the school's website, where you can get a PDF of the schedule, but that website hasn't been loading for a couple of days. (Heavy traffic?) For those of you in the area, I'll be at the Del Mar Middle School at 12:30 on the 18th... in the school library! Come by and say "hi...!"

Also, Bonnie O'Brian over at California Readers sends word I'm one of the featured interviews this month -- which means, you know, a mug shot with the link on the main interview page.

I wax answeringly to the various questions!  But thanks for the heads-up, Bonnie!



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