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One month, a birthday, and some passages, later -- plus, a query:

And one month, a birthday, and various passages later.. a query
so, yes, there have been lots of Tweets and Facebook updates and even, I am happy to report, a slew of pages done on on the new, non-Danger Boy, work-in-progress.

Plus a birthday, affixed with a "zero" to it, reminding one of the swiftness --along with noted passings, all amplified in our media-saturated age -- of the Journey itself.

So here's an out loud reminder -- to me (maybe to you, though you may not need it the same way I do) -- to stop, or at least slow down, and be where you are. As fully as you can. To soak it all in, before the soaking time is up.


Now that the ruminations are done, here's a surprise: Some new "Danger Boy" art!

It's done by my friend Doug Potter, for the great "lost" Danger Boy installment, "Fortune's Fool," about which, some news of a digital variety soon.

And while that news percolates and gestates, a query: I'll be teaching a class on Fantasy and Science Fiction writing this summer, in-house, at a local repository of entertainment and icon production. Animated fare, and such.

But my query is this, especially for my published pals out there who labor in these particular vineyards: How are fantasy and science fiction the same? How are they different? Where do they overlap, stay distinct, and how are these "categories" changing?

This conversation will help form the basis of the class...

Thanks, compadres!
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