markwilliams (markwilliams) wrote,

Bear Malls

well, I haven't posted a bear poem in a very long time. Here's a new one -- perhaps a kind of coda to the recent NY play production:

It was the bear
in the shopping center

that surprised me the most

not that the stores had fallen,
or that the streets were ruined

but simply,
that there were still bears like her

to be seen

I thought they drove you
to extinction,
I said

They tried,
she agreed

But they did
a better job

of doing that
to themselves

I just came to look
for a little dried salmon
and some berry jam

before the roots pop through the floor
and the river

drinks back
the courtyard

you'd best leave
'fore I get too hungry

I'd like to stay and watch
just a few more minutes

I said

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